PDP International Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of logistic services to exporters and importers. In collaboration with The PDP Group, it provides complete supply chain solutions at attractive rates. The company's freight forwarding service is effective and hassle-free. As a licensed 'Multimodal Transport Operator' (MTO), the company can use two or more modes of transport to facilitate door-to-door delivery of cargo. PDP International Pvt. Ltd. is a certified 'International Air Transport Association' (IATA) agent and this enables it to make direct booking with airlines. In terms of freight forwarding, a client can expect top notch services from the company due to a wide array of facilities at its disposal. The B/L Tracking feature on the website enables customers to get real time updates on the status of their shipment.

The company offers transportation facilities during the domestic leg of the international transportation of goods. Company-owned trucks are available for swift transportation of cargo from the client factory to the loading port (for export movement) and from the port to the client destination (for import movement).

Warehousing is a key part of the supply chain as it relates to the safe and secure storage of the client’s goods. PDP International Pvt. Ltd. has around 60,500 square feet of warehousing space in Kolkata. The warehouses have forklift hiring facilities. Palletisation of goods is also performed in the warehousing area.