Freight forwarding

PDP International Pvt. Ltd. has been in the freight forwarding business for around 2 decades. The company's focus has been on the international movement of cargo. With its Corporate Office in Kolkata, the company has expanded over the years and now has its branches in all major Indian Cities. It has a worldwide network of agents to assist in the transportation of goods to any part of the world.

PDP International Pvt. Ltd. offers complete end-to-end logistic solutions to its clients. In terms of exports, this implies that the company picks up cargo from the client factory in India and delivers it to the client destination at the desired country. In terms of imports, the company arranges the pickup of cargo from the foreign destination and arranges for the delivery of the goods at the client premises in India. To perform this activity, two or more modes of transport are required. PDP International Pvt. Ltd. holds a 'Multimodal Transport Operator' (MTO) License which authorises it to use two or more modes of transport, thereby enabling this process. The company also holds an 'International Air Transport Association' (IATA) certification which is an industry recognition for professional competence in movement of goods by air.

The company has an experienced freight forwarding team to assist its clients with the documentation procedures. B/L Tracking feature is available on our website to enable clients to get real time updates on their shipment. It is our assurance that clients will receive a hassle-free and cost-friendly solution when using our freight forwarding services.