Why us

P.D. Prasad and Sons Private Limited is a renowned CHA agent in the country. We have a solid track record of cargo clearance via road, rail, sea, and air. This has been possible due to efficient operations and a team of experienced employees. We have our own branch offices in various parts of the country. This helps us in maintaining a professional work environment and completing customs-related activities with minimal delay times.

We have a strict policy ensuring that all clearance is done as per rules and regulations. As a part of the PDP Group, we possess an in-house infrastructure that provides additional logistics facilities to our clients like freight forwarding, warehousing, material handling, packaging, etc. Our sea division has a strong presence in the clearing of cargo from the Kolkata and Haldia ports while our land division has established strong links with Bangladesh and Nepal, two countries with huge potential of trade with India. The air division performs clearance within 24 hours of cargoes from Kolkata, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

P.D. Prasad and Sons has experienced and knowledgeable staff that cater to EDI-enabled export processing from the office through IceGate. Our entire work is done through ERP systems.

Key points:

⇨ We have been a CHA agent for more than five decades
⇨ We have a team of dedicated staff members with vast experience in the logistics trade.
⇨ We adopt a strict policy to ensure clearance work is done as per rules and regulations.
⇨ We have an integrated infrastructure for performing further logistics services.
⇨ We have a strong presence in Bangladesh and Nepal.